Posted by: Kevin Sawicki | February 25, 2008

Aptana Plugin for Adobe AIR 1.0 Support released

Adobe AIR 1.0 has been released and simultaneously released is the 1.0 version of the Aptana plugin for Adobe AIR application development. The plugin release now bundles the Adobe AIR runtime and SDK making it even easier to get started with AIR development. The 1.0 release also comes with Jaxer integration allowing you to develop Adobe AIR applications with generated proxies for your server-side functions. Adobe AIR projects in Aptana Studio can be run against a local Jaxer server during development and then built against the deployed web address of your application during exporting. A screencast demoing this new feature will be available soon on

I have written an article on the Adobe AIR development using Aptana Studio on the Adobe AIR development connection.

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Posted by: Kevin Sawicki | February 3, 2008

Great iPhone plugin tutorial published on developerWorks

A great tutorial has been published on the iPhone plugin for Aptana Studio. As a developer on this plugin I am extremely pleased to see such an in-depth review of its functionality. We are planning to release updates to the iPhone plugin in the coming months so look for even better iPhone tooling to be released. If you have ideas for feature enhancements please contribute them to the Aptana issues tracker.

Posted by: Kevin Sawicki | January 27, 2008

Aptana Studio now supports AIR SDK Beta 3

Last Friday Aptana released support for the Beta 3 AIR SDK.  This release was long overdue but does come with some exciting features. The most exciting in my opinion is the addition of the AIRIntrospector. This is a single JS file that when referenced in any HTML file allows inspection of your AIR application one keystroke away (F12). This introspector now brings to running AIR applications what developers have come accustom to having when developing with Firebug in Firebox, solid DOM and CSS inspection, a JavaScript console, and XHR monitoring.  The AIRIntrospector also adds an asset view that aggregates and in-lines the CSS and JavaScript in your application and a separate view for displaying the raw vs. rendered source.  Although you wouldn’t want to include the AIRIntrospector in your deployed application, it does give you the ability now to create a “debug” build of your AIR application.

Other added features in this plugin release include updated samples, new sandbox model examples, and improved application.xml configuration/generation.

Learn more about the latest Aptana Studio plugin for Adobe AIR development.

Posted by: Kevin Sawicki | January 22, 2008

End-to-end Ajax now possible with Jaxer

Jaxer.  Combined with this is the release of Aptana Studio 1.1 which adds great Jaxer tooling and comes pre-packaged with an integrated Jaxer server.  Read more about what is new in the 1.1 release and the features that compliment Jaxer development.

Posted by: Kevin Sawicki | December 2, 2007

Up to speed

Granted this is my first blog post since I registered this domain and set up a WordPress account but hopefully this will get the ball rolling in a series of posts centered around topics in Software Engineering. This post will focus on what I’ve been working on for the past year and that is Aptana Studio (formerly Aptana IDE). I joined Aptana in December of 2006 as a part-time job working remotely from school. New at Choose writer, claim 20% OFF your 1st order and get your essay done in time. I joined full-time after graduation in May and have been working in San Mateo, California since.

In this last year year and a half my primary development efforts have been on Eclipse-based development. First focusing on the Ajax Toolkit Framework while working at IBM and then moving to Aptana Studio. Also during that time I was working on a non-profit Eclipse RCP-based application focused on modeling how government policies affect consumer choices.

So for now I hope this blog becomes a source of insightful information on topics I am currently interested in:

  • Eclipse plugin development
  • SWT development
  • Browser tooling
  • Firebug
  • Adobe AIR development
  • iPhone development
Posted by: Kevin Sawicki | March 8, 2007

New blog

Hey Everyone. Here is my new blog about topics in Software Engineering.  Look for more updates to come.